How it Works

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 There are 4 main components in TPP™ solutions:

      1. Enzymes: to break up soils maximizing surface area
      2. Microbes: digests (remediates) organic matter & produces natural biosurfactants.
      3. Non-hazardous proprietary surfactant mixture: increases wetting and retains soil (dirt, grease, etc) as suspended matter
      4. Alkaline detergents and other builders: provides saponification to oil and grease and establishes a non-corrosive cleaning environment

The strength of TPP™ can be customized to address specific contaminants or cleaning situations and, if faster clean up is required, we can customize for your application by adding specific components to increase remediation and reduce time required to achieve desired results.

In some cases, depending upon the contamination source, TPP™ may also provide beneficial, secondary products for resale or alternate use.

TPP™ performs at a wide range of temperatures and pressures and is highly versatile, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of business needs and environments.  TPP works well at ambient temperatures to reduce energy costs and is also effective in extreme temperatures, salt water and acidic environments. TPP an aqueous solution that performs reliably up to pH 12.5. TPP™ is Non-Corrosive, ultra-low in toxicity, Non–Flammable, Bio-Degradable and Environmentally Friendly.

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