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 Treyco Environmental Solutions is the global provider of highly effective, environmentally safe cleaning solutions that are bio-degradable, people and pet friendly, non-corrosive, less toxic than baking soda, and based on Green Chemistry that has been laboratory proven to lower bio-chemical (biological) oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD).

 Our products are based on US Patent 7,183,248, “Enzymatic Antibacterial Cleaner Having High pH Stability”.

 Treyco Supply, Inc. was established in Wilson, NC in 2000. Our goal is to provide our clients highly effective safe products for cleaning, odor control, and remediation.

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Treyco products are available to consumers and industry professionals. For more information, please see our Applications page.

Please click here to view or print our most current SDS TPP 30M & VARIANTS – REV 3

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