Non-toxic, Environmentally Safe Enzymatic Products

High pH but 100% non-corrosive

About TPP1

TPP1 is a patented “Aqueous Solution” combining Enzymes, Bio-Surfactants, and naturally-occurring Microbes, ALL together in ONE superior product that: Cleans, Degreases, Eliminates Odors, Remediates Organic Solids and Lowers BOD & COD!


TPP1, based on Green Chemistry, has a pH in the 10-13.5 range but is 100% non-corrosive!  Also, non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly!  TPP1 is safe for most all surfaces, Concrete, Tile, Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl, Canvas and Cloth, Wood, Glass, all metals including soft Aluminum & Chrome! Use of TPP1 will eliminate a broad range of hazards to humans, animals and the environment.


Treyco’s TPP1 can be used in Many Industries

Manufacturing – Oil & Other Refineries
Janitorial Services – Hazard Spill Clean up
Car Wash Facilities – Waste Water Facilities
Medical Facilities – Military & Armaments
Food Services & Restaurants
Long Term Care Facilities
Schools/Offices & Retail Buildings

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